Color Mixing Master Guide

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Take the Uncertainty Out of Mixing Colors

This 150+ page book (in digital, PDF format) is chock full of valuable information, that will help demystify color mixing for artists!


You will find in-depth color mixing charts, that will help guide you with any color mixing problem you may have! Also, you will find helpful related articles dealing with color temperature and how it relates with warm and cool colors in art, how to mix muted colors, and more.


Join hundreds of students who have used the Color Mixing Master Guide to help them on their path to master mixing the colors they want!

Take a look at all the Color Mixing Master Guide covers...

This Master Guide is full of color fundamentals and color mixing charts, that detail how to mix different colors, as well as a diverse range of different shades, over the course of 150+ pages that include:

  1. How to use this book  
  2. The Color Wheel 
    • Introducing the artist color wheel 
    • Primary color wheel
    • Secondary colors in the color wheel 
    • Complementary colors within the color wheel 
    • Tertiary Colors in the color wheel 
    • What are analogous colors? 
    • Split complementary colors in the color wheel
    • Examples of complementary color schemes in art
  3. How to Mix Shades of Blue Colors
    • Blue colors in art
    • How to mix light shades of blue
    • How to make dark shades of blue colors
    • How to create muted shades of blue
    • How to mix warm shades of blue colors
    • Mixing turquoise blue colors
    • Examples of shades of blue colors in art
  4. Mixing Shades of Yellow
    • How to mix dark yellows
    • How to mix light yellows
    • How to mix cool shades of yellow
    • How to mix warm yellow colors
    • How to mix muted yellows 
  5. Color Mixing Shades of Red
    • Creating dark red colors
    • Creating shades of light red colors
    • Warm Red Colors 
    • Cool Shades of Red
    • How to Mix Muted Shades of Red 
  6. How to Mix the Color Green
    • What colors make green – starting with the basics
    • How to mix muted green colors
    • How to mix light shades of green
    • How to make the color green darker
    • How to mix warm green colors
    • What colors make green cooler
    • How to use different shades of green in the same painting
    • Additional tips on mixing the color green 
  7. How to Make the Color Orange
    • How to make shades of orange with different of yellow colors 
    • How to mix shades of orange color with different red colors
    • How to mix muted shades of orange colors 
    • How to use shades of orange color in art 
  8. Mixing the Color Brown
    • Simplified version of How to mix Brown
    • A More Complex Approach to Mixing Brown
    • Mixing brown with complementary colors
    • How to mix dark brown color
    • How to mix light brown colors
    • How to mix brown colors that are cool 
    • How to mix warm brown colors 
  9. How to make the color black 
    • What colors make black
    • How to mix black using the color blue
    • How to mix a dark black color
    • How to make black color with Pthalo Green
    • How to mix a transparent black
    • Discovering different shades of black color
  10. How to mix shades of grey color 
    • How to mix dark grey colors 
    • How to mix light grey colors
    • Mixing light greyish-white colors
    • How to mix cool grey colors
    • How to mix warm grey colors 
  11. How to Mix the Color Pink
    • Pink / light red shades of color
    • Dark pink colors
    • Cool shades of pink
    • Warm shades of pink
    • Muted pink colors 
  12. Warm and Cool Colors in Art and Painting
    • The color wheel and the relationship of warm and cool colors
    • Never think of color temperature as absolute
    • The importance of color temperature in art
    • Examples of warm and cool colors in art
    • Summary of warm and cool colors in art and painting 
  13. How to Use a Muted Colors Palette
    • What are muted colors exactly?
    • How to make a color ‘muted’ 
    • Why use muted colors in my painting?
    • Examples of muted colors in art
    • Subtlety is everything with a muted colors palette
  14. Painting With Color and Light
    • Value is greater than color
    • Fauvist paintings
    • Color wheel! 
    • Always see value first
    • Start simple
    • Transitioning into a full color palette 
  15. Guide on Color and the Effect of Light
    • Anatomy of Color
    • The Munsell Value Scale
    • Color Wheels 
    • White Balance
    • Chroma, Form, and Light
    • Reflected Lights
    • Relativity of Color
    • Orchestration and Color 
  16. Color Chart Cheat Sheets