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Learn the process of painting and how to master your process


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What This Course Can Do For You

I can show you how to start on the right path with your painting. And if you are a more advanced painter I can help you to grow and expand your painting skills. Either way, I can save you years of frustration by showing you a clear path in how to build your painting.

Learn from someone who has been where you are

I created this class because I have been where you are. So, let me tell you a little bit from my own painting journey. I started learning how to paint at university where received a good basis in painting but still felt a little lost and didn’t know how to grow and expand my skills. So, I moved abroad and became a student at a school that taught real painting skills that were grounded in old master painting techniques.

It was here that I came to really understand the language of painting and how to grow and expand my skills with the painting process. Even though I had already earned a degree in painting, sold paintings, and had several gallery exhibitions under my belt I treated myself as a complete beginner and started at the bottom – learning how to start and develop a painting. The experience was a revelation for me because for the first time I felt like I was understanding the painting process. 

Through years of training in art school and endless hours of figuring out the painting process in my own studio I learned the approach and steps needed to not just create paintings but also to continually grow my painting skills. Though I had excellent teachers, it was not always an easy road. I had to figure out a lot on my own! I still vividly remember times of endless frustration where I was even brought to tears! Today I feel confident in painting whatever subject matter I choose, and am able to expand my skills because I understand the painting process. 

Though I can’t guarantee that you won’t experience some frustration I can guarantee that ** I can save you years of learning time in this class** (and maybe also from tears!)! I am passionate about teaching the art of painting and above all want you to learn and grow in your painting skills so that you can paint anything you want too – no matter what skill level you are at. 

You can do this too. I will show you how!

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