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recommended art supplies and materials

I understand it can feel overwhelming to sift through the array of art supplies and different brands out there. That’s why I put together this list of my top (and most used) artist supplies to guide you in finding the best materials for your needs!


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01 Williamsburg Paints

I mostly use this brand of paints on my palette. They are very reliable and the highest quality.

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02 Michael Harding

These are made of very high quality pigments and are an excellent addition to any palette.

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03 Gamblin, M. Graham, Winsor and Newton

These are also very reliable and high quality brands (while being budget friendly).

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Centurion Oil Primed Linen

I regularly use this pre primed linen for quick painting sketches as well as longer session paintings. It is good quality and also relatively reasonable.

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Claessen Primed Linen

This oil primed linen is a step up from the centurion pre primed linen. You can cut the roll to the exact sizes you need for your projects.

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Unprimed Linen

If you prefer, you can get unprimed linen and prepare your own painting surface in the exact manner you wish. You can use either acrylic gesso or an oil ground.

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Ampersand Hardboard Panels

These hardboard panels are very sturdy and great for mounting linen onto. Or, you can paint on the surface directly after preparing it with gesso or rabbit skin glue.

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Princeton Aspen Paint Brush

This is one of my favorite brush varieties. It is good quality and lasts well.

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Escoda Opera Takatsu Synthetic Round Brushes

It is important to have reliable round brushes on hand in a variety of sizes.

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Guerilla Painter Mighty Mite Brush Washer

This is my absolute favorite brush cleaner to have on my palette. It is very small, so works well for in studio and to take with you when painting on the road.

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Anderson and Son’s Stainless Steel Brush Cleaner

There are many knock offs of stainless steel brush cleaners. This is the real deal and will last you forever. I personally keep turpenoid in mine and open it only briefly to create an imprimatura. The tight seal keeps the fumes safely inside the steel container.

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Murphys Oil Soap

This item might be a little unexpected to you. But it is one of the best soaps for cleaning oil paint off of your brushes as it both cleans and conditions your brushes. Helping them to last longer. It is also very cost effective compared to expensive artist soaps.

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Johnson’s Baby Oil

I use baby oil to condition my brushes. My brushes get dipped in baby oil and sit in it overnight. This helps to loosen up any remaining oil that might be in the brushes. The baby oil also helps to condition your brushes and helps to make them last longer.

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Liquitex Palette Knife

This palette knife might seem stiff at first, but it becomes more flexible with use and will last a very long time.

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Blick Palette Knife

I personally have both this palette and the above liquitex one. This particular one is a little bit more flexible.

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Richeson Wooden Palette

This is my primary palette I have been using for years. You just need to apply 5 coats of linseed oil and then it is ready for use.

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Glass Palette – New Wave Posh Palette

If you prefer a glass palette over a wooden one – or use acrylic paints. This is a good one!

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Mabef French Easel M22

I have been using this same exact easel almost exclusively for the past 9 years. Mine is still in good shape after heavy use from using both in studio and traveling with it.

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H Frame Easel

If you work on larger sized paintings, an H frame easel will suit your needs much better than a French easel. I have an H frame easel. My H frame easel is vintage and not being made anymore, but this is a good brand for easels.

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Guerilla Cigar Pochade Box

When traveling overseas I primarily use this pochade box. It is lightweight and fits easily into my carry on luggage. One is limited to 8 x 10 size paintings with this one. However, the limited size is also handy for traveling and your paintings can dry inside the pochade box. Paintings from your travels make the best souvenirs.

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Utrecht Linseed Oil

This is very affordable linseed oil that will last you a long time

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I personally use turpenoid very rarely. Only for the imprimatura stage of a painting. If you use it, it is always important to follow safety guidelines and keep it covered. If you do this, there isn’t any reason to avoid it. However, you can use oil paints without ever getting turpenoid.

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Koh I Noor Woodless Drawing Pencils

For sketching I use primarily woodless drawing pencils. My favorite are the Koh I Noor woodless graphite pencils. It is important to keep them in a safe drawing case to prevent any breakage.

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Willow Charcoal

It is always good to have some charcoal on hand. It is very useful to create thumbnail drawing studies with. Also, the painterly properties of the material make it a very fun drawing material.

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Faber Castell Eraser

This is one of my all time favorite erasers. It very gently but effectively erases.

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Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal paper

This is terrific charcoal paper that I have been using in my own studio practice for years.

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Hahnemühle Sketch Book

This sketch book is filled with beautiful high quality paper.

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Schmincke Watercolor Set

This is the same watercolor set that I use. The pigments are of the highest quality.

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Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paints

Winsor and Newton makes very reliable acrylic paints. I mainly use this brand when I do work with acrylics.

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If you are only able to paint at night or get poor lighting in your studio, then good lights are a necessary investment! I love these Neewer lights for painting.

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