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Reference Images: For Artistic Study and Inspiration

Are you looking for reference images to help inspire and inform your artistic work? Look no further! The reference photos found here, are meant to provide you with helpful painting and drawing inspiration. So that you will be able to find the perfect source material for your next artistic study and/or project.

Browse through the reference images below to get inspired by the beauty around us!

37 thoughts on “Reference Image Library: For Artistic Study and Inspiration”

  1. Illaria Verrocchio

    Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing your inspirational photos. I will include some in my images library.

  2. Hello Elisabeth.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your fantastic photos; they will inspire me greatly. I will confess I have not been painting much lately, although I do enjoy reading all of your emails.

    My very best regards.
    Mike D

    1. Hi Mike, I am very glad that you are enjoying these reference photos! There are seasons when painting happens less- sometimes it can be helpful to step away for a bit. Happy to hear that you are enjoying reading the e-mails.

    1. Arlette Calderon

      Thank you for providing such great pictures and for all the information you are giving including the virtual tour of the gallery 🌹

  3. Thanks so much! I’m very new to watercolor and at 73, with compromised health, it’s wonderful to have such a great variety of pictures to study!

  4. Jeannie Stubler

    Love this idea! Photo #39 might be my next muse 🙂 Your images have inspired my to look back on the photos I took during my first photography class last year with different eyes. 🤔

    Thank you for all the inspiration you gift the world. 🖼️ 🎨

    Jeannie Stubler
    New London Wisconsin

  5. Thank you for sharing….I save so many inspiring pictures too, and find I use
    them often…sometime just a little portion of one and a bit of another…they
    come in handy for inspiration.

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