How to get your Art into a $700M company

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MInted is a $700M stationary startup that was founded about 10 years ago. Although it has been more of a stationary company, Minted is incorporating more and more art prints into their product line. Becoming a MInted artist can be a great for artists who want to get their work in front of a bigger audience and do not mind prints being made of their work. You get to keep your original piece for yourself or sell as you like.

It is becoming increasingly more competitive however to get your art accepted into Minted as more and more people submit their work. But there is still plenty of opportunity especially as they grown their fine art print inventory. And, I am writing this post to help you on the pathway to winning the ‘MInted challenges’!

Before anything, you want to peruse the Art prints available on Minted and make sure that your work will fit into the aesthetic of the company. The art at Minted leans toward simplified representational and abstract themes. If you are for any reason unsure about whether your work will fit in submit anyway! It does not cost anything and you can only gain from the experience, and you never know exactly what will win.

To find open challenges hit the participate button on and then submit designs. If there is not an Art challenge open at the moment for you to submit to, subscribe to the calendar so that you can get notifications when art challenges are available.

Minted Fine Art Prints. Enter into Minted Art Challenges to earn passive income as an artist

If there is an open challenge available for art then you are in luck! Pick your best work to submit, you can submit up to 30 pieces per challenge. However, you cannot resubmit items that you submitted to past challenges – so choose wisely! If you find out about a particular challenge well ahead of time spend your time well creating work for it. The original works need to be between 18 x 24 in and 44 x 44 in as MInted wants to be able to create prints as large as 44 x 60 in. The original needs to be large enough so that the photograph of the work can be made into a high quality reproduction. So, as you create work to submit to Minted be sure that they are at least 18 x 24 in!

The submission process can be a bit of a hassle if you are not familiar with adobe lightroom or photoshop. When I submitted to my first challenge with Minted it was a learning curve for me but am happy that I learned how to use the programs.

Now, when you do get your work into Minted what is the payoff? Every submission that wins receives $200 unless you win anything from 1st – 20th place which come at much higher rewards. The artist receives 10% on each print that is sold. One really cannot give any accurate prediction as to how much one will make as it varies so much from artist to artist. Some may make just about $14/ month if they only have a few pieces on the site. Other artists might make four figures every month. And others (especially stationary designers) might make 6 figures/ year.

So, it all varies greatly how in demand your work is and how much time you put into submitting your work to challenges. That all said, one of the best things is that the income you get is all passive. Minted creates all of the prints and sends them to customers, so you do not need to do a thing!

win Minted Art Challenges

One very unique aspect about Minted is that they choose their products based on customer, artist, and designer ratings on submitted items. So, it is not JUST Minted that decides what goes on their product line. You yourself can rate submitted items and vote for what you would like to see go onto Minted.

I do recommend getting involved on Minted during voting periods of a challenge. Liking other artist’s submissions and commenting can bring more attention to your own work and potentially give your work a higher possibility of winning a challenge. Getting involved in this way is not required, but from what I can tell from my experience it definitely does not hurt. In general, the community on Minted is very helpful and encouraging to others so if anything it will be a good all around experience – and you will get a feel for the competition 😉

I hope that I convinced you to submit work to Minted challenges! If you want more information about Minted, submitting to a challenges or anything else head to the FAQ section on Minted.


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