Paint Along: Two Week Art Challenge March 17 – March 31

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Let’s make this time easier! Challenge yourself to use what you already have in your art supplies stash to create a new painting or drawing every day. You will learn something new and get to share your work on the Art Studio Life Facebook Community Group.

How does this challenge work?

Every day for the next two weeks (March 17 – March 31) I am going to CHALLENGE you to create something new every day, and share it online with the group. You will use what you already have and will never need to leave your home to paint along. If you are just getting wind of this after it already started – no worries! Just start whenever you can.

Are there any guidelines?

I am keeping this art challenge very open without any themes for each day so that you feel free to create whatever you wish to! However, there are a few loose guidelines to help you in this art challenge. Also, I will be participating in this challenge myself and sharing what I create each day and will provide some ideas and inspiration each day for what you might paint or draw!

Progress over perfection – Do it for the process

One is not expected to create a beautiful masterpiece every day when participating in this art challenge. Instead, an art challenge is an opportunity to stretch yourself and learn something new every day. The process is so much more important than the product! There is no expectation for anyone to create very finished drawings or paintings. Personally, I will be making paint sketches and drawings that will be more or less unfinished.

Show off your work

Sharing what you create each day is a big part of this art challenge. Seeing what other participants are making provides inspiration and new ideas. So, join the facebook group and share your work!

When you share your work in the group include the following information if you can:

Medium: What medium(s) did you use to create what you did

Size: what are the dimensions of your piece?

What: What inspired you – why did you choose to paint what you did

Start creating!

This art challenge provides the perfect opportunity for you to be able to experiment with some new mediums that you have been meaning to try. It also is a great chance to improve your skills and get some good practice in 🙂 Whenever you are doing something every day for an extended period of time you will get better! I look forward to seeing the new things you create in the facebook group!

Art Challenge Painting Ideas

I gathered together a collection of some pieces that might provide some inspiration for you in this art challenge. Most of these are alla prima paintings done in one sitting.

Nicole Michelle Tully, View from Studio

Nicole Michelle Tully, Oil on linen

Nicole Michelle Tully, Self Portrait at Dusk

Nicole Michelle Tully, Egg

Osnat Oliva, Collage

This piece is not a painting but rather a collage. You can gather together some construction paper and scissors and make your own collage.

Osnat Oliva, After Poussin

Here is a beautiful drawing after a painting by Poussin. Master copy drawings are a terrific way to practice your drawing skills.

David Baird, Flowers

David Baird, Fruit Still Life

Oleg Lissin, Roses

I hope these works gave you some ideas and inspiration for the art challenge. I look forward to seeing what you create! Do not forget to share your work in the Facebook Community Group.


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    4 thoughts on “Paint Along: Two Week Art Challenge March 17 – March 31”

    1. lesley Hemmings Grice

      I have many of my paintings hanging up in my home. I now want to paint 2 for my newly decorated bedroom. it is in 2 shades of pink

    2. Patricia W Tingley

      Thank you, Elisabeth for the extra read and types of ideas.
      The book Math & the Mona Lisa and cruise lectures from the author are what freed me from my fear of math and my uncertainly with drawing. Don’t know whether you are familiar with it. Than add days and hours each day I spent at the MAG in Rochester when DeVinci Collection was there!!

      1. Elisabeth Larson Koehler

        Late to comment back here! You are welcome Patricia! I am not familiar with those books – will have to check those out 🙂

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