The Best Frames for Paintings – Painting Frame Ideas for Your Artwork

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find frames for your paintings

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Many of us have experienced the sticker shock that happens when going to a framing shop to have one of your pieces of art framed. However, it does not need to be this way! As there are many affordable, high quality, frames for paintings options out there. The frames below are perfect for showcasing your artwork to its fullest, whether in your own home or on display at a public showing.

I addition, they also make for a perfect gift idea when framing one of your own pieces of work for friends and family. There aren’t many things better than receiving a framed piece of art to hang on the wall! And framing paintings does not need to be difficult or too expensive. The frames included in this list are already assembled and all you will need to do is set it inside and voila you are done!

Best floating frames for paintings

Ampersand Frames wood floating frames

landscape painting mounted in a floating frame
Ampersand floating oak wood frame

The first painting frames I am introducing to you here are these beautiful floating frames that come in three different options – natural maple wood, black wood and white wood. If you are not familiar with floater frames, they are named thus because of the illusion they create in that your artwork is ‘floating’ inside the frame. Instead of the edges of the painting being covered by the frame’s edge. It is a beautiful frame type to display your artwork in!

I use these Ampersand floater frames to frame paintings for gallery shows, as well as for paintings I sell to collectors.

The frames are well made and polished and will undoubtedly elevate your artwork. They are simple and modern painting frames. However, these ampersand frames are ideal for cradled canvas boards because they are made to suit a painting that has a depth of 7/8″ or 1 1/2″.

Side view of wood floating frame

The frames come only in standard sizes ranging from 6 x 6 in – 24 x 36 in. Though they won’t work for custom sized paintings they will work beautifully for your standard sized work. The frames come with all of the hardware needed so you will be able to get the piece ready for hanging right away!

Back side of floating frame

If you are looking for something high quality and cost effective – this is the way to go! You will not be disappointed. I love how my paintings look in these frames. They work well for landscape paintings as well as portrait paintings. The simple clean lines of the frame give a painting a fresh modern look – allowing the viewer to focus on the work instead of getting distracted by the frame.

Blick maplewood floating frames

Maple wood floating frames for paintings

These Blick wood floating frames are different from the Ampersand floating frames in that they accommodate paintings that aren’t as thick. The floating frames are made of maple wood and come in two different choices – black stained wood and natural wood. It can accommodate 3/4″ or 7/8″ deep canvases. The sizes offered range from 8 x 10″ – 18 x 24″.

These wooden picture frames are also sold without backing material. You do not need backing material when framing a painting. So, this should not be a point of concern unless you are wanting to frame works on paper.

Bamboo wooden picture frames

Bamboo Gallery Frame

Light and darker bamboo wood frame

These bamboo gallery painting frames are ready made and earth friendly. They are constructed of bamboo which is a self renewing resource and finished with biodegradable resin. In addition, these frames are very durable.

detail of bamboo wood painting frame

With this frame you can fit shallow photographs as well as do deeper framing of paintings that are 7/8″ thick. Canvases that are 1 3/8″ thick will extend flush with the back of the frame.

The frame comes with an acrylic face instead of glass. It is much lighter than glass and you will not need to worry about accidentally breaking any glass. A painting does not need any glass or acrylic facing since so you are not obligated to use any glass or acrylic when framing your own work. However, the acrylic facing will be useful if you want to frame a drawing or any work on paper.

Gallery frames by Blick

Blick Wood Gallery Frames – wooden picture frames

Four choices for wood frames for paintings

These wooden picture frames are made with solid natural woodgrain. They have a depth of 1 1/2″ and therefore will accommodate stretched canvases very well. The frame comes with a styrene face instead of glass since it is less breakable. So, the wood picture frame will be able to accommodate any works on paper as well as paintings! However, if you are framing a painting you will not need to use the protective styrene facing.

Back side of wood painting frame

This picture frame comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from 4 x 6″ – 30 x 40″. There is a choice between a natural wood frame, black, white, and walnut.

Blick gallery open back frames – wooden painting frame

Black and white wood painting frames

These open back painting frames are made from poplar wood and just come with the frame face. So, you will need to find a backing material if framing any works on paper. When framing a painting you most often do not require any backing material so this would not be a problem. These frames are perfect for traditional stretched canvas or panels. It accommodates panels or canvases up to 3/4″ deep.

You have a choice between white and black frames. The sizes range from 5 x 7″ – 18 x 24″.

Blick gallery metal frames

Metal painting frames

Most of the frames mentioned in this article are wood frames. However metal picture frames can be lovely as well! With these Blick gallery metal painting frames you have a choice between silver, gold and black colors. The frames come with a depth of 1″ so they can accommodate stretched canvases well.

Black metal frame

The available sizes for these metal picture frames range from 6 x 6″ – 30 x 40″. Every frame includes hanging hardware so you will not need to get any extra wires or screws.

White metal frame

Gold ornate plein air frames

Gold painting frame

All of the frames included in this guide so far are simple with clean lines. These frames work beautifully to complement a painting while not detracting from the work. However, sometimes a more ornate frame is called for – like these more ornate frames from blick! Especially if you would like a look that harkens back to 19th century landscape paintings.

Ornate wood frames for paintings

These frames are offered in a variety of different colors: antique Bronze, antique gold, silver, white, black and more! The sizes range from 8 x 10″ – 24 x 36″.

Visit the blick website to view all of the frames available in this frame variety. They are a great choice for landscape paintings, but can work just as well for portrait or still life paintings.

Custom frames for paintings

Custom sized frames

All of the frames mentioned above are standard sized frames. However, often standard sized frames don’t work for me as I create a lot of custom sized paintings that will not fit into any standard sized frame. I am sure you find yourself in the same position as well sometimes!

Thank goodness though there are affordable online options that offer different sized custom picture frames! is one such place. You can order a custom sized picture frame that will perfectly fit your artwork while also having a vast choice of different types of frames. The prices are reasonable and the company itself was founded by artists who sought to create high quality yet affordable frames.

Framing your own work

Too often, framing paintings seems overly complicated and expensive. However, all of the above resources will help you frame your painting beautifully, without the inflated prices. Frame your paintings for a gallery show, a collector, to hang in your own home or you can gift a framed piece of art as a gift for a friend.

The holiday season opens up a perfect opportunity for you to frame some of your own work as gifts for others. What better gift is there than giving some of your own art work. With lockdowns happening around the world and people staying at more more than ever – having beautifully framed paintings on the wall to view will be incredibly appreciated.

Additionally here are some of my favorite, affordable, art materials under $25. As well as a couple of great gift guides if you’re looking for more gift ideas for painters or maybe more of fun gift ideas for the artists in your life.


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