How to Paint Spring Flowers: Tulip Painting Tutorial

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Tulip painting flowers tutorial brush on canvas

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I was painting a tulip and realized I just had to create this tulip painting tutorial so you could come follow along! There is a lot you can learn from painting flowers and as I have learned recently – painting tulips in particular. They have such unique and structured shapes that make things very clear while painting them. However at the same time, there are quite a lot of subtle color and value shifts, that provide great color mixing lessons to learn from.

So, grab yourself a tulip (or any flower of your choice!:) and come paint along with me. It is spring after all! Scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment, tell me what you think about painting tulips – what are your favorite flowers to paint?

Remember to take your time, if the tulip painting video lesson is going too quickly for you while you paint along. Just press the pause button to work at your own pace and then press start again when you are ready!

Looking for other flower painting ideas? Try your hand at this rose painting tutorial. This step-by-step lesson for painting rose flowers, even has vital painting tips for what to do if your flower begins to change as you paint it over a series of days.


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