Mixing Fall Paint Colors: How to Paint with a Fall Color Palette

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girl mixing fall paint colors for a fall landscape painting

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The fall color palette is full of golden yellows, brilliant reds and oranges. Which makes mixing fall paint colors, one of the more rewarding undertakings. However, fall brings forth a vast range of muted and earth tone colors as well. So to mix them, you have to understand how these colors work together.

How to mix fall paint colors

As you begin to mix colors more and more. You will learn that to get the colors you want, is a lot about experimenting with colors as you mix. In this article, you will find charts for mixing fall paint colors you can use as a guide to get you started!

how to mix a fall paint colors for a landscape of autumn trees like seen this image with leaves of red, gold, green and more
Fall color palettes are full of golden yellows, brilliant reds and muted oranges and so much more…
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How to mix warm shades of green

warm green fall paint colors mixing chart
Try using different shades of green and red to create warm shades of green color to use in your fall paintings.

Warm greens are very common during fall. To mix a warm green you simply mix red with green. This doesn’t just create a warm color though but it also mutes the color. Red is the complementary color of green and complementary colors always help to mute a color. Learn all about mixing different green colors in the green color mixing guide.

warm green fall paint colors in a landscape scene
Different shades of green are very prevalent in fall scenes, learning how to make warm green (as well as other shades – including; cool, muted, light and dark) will be very useful to you.

Mixing muted shades of yellow colors for fall

To create a muted yellow you simply mix purple with yellow since purple is the complementary color of yellow.

how to mix a muted yellow for painting with fall colors
Yellow and purple mixed together will make muted yellow

Muted yellows are very common in the fall! You can also create different variations of yellow by making it warmer and mixing some red with the yellow.

mixing muted shades of yellow on a fall color palette
Experiment mixing yellow and purple to get the right shade of muted yellow you need

Yellow ochre paint color

Yellow ochre is also a useful color to use when putting your fall painting ideas onto canvas. You can buy yellow ochre in a tube, or mix up your own by creating a muted yellow. Mix purple and yellow together to create a darker, muted yellow color. That mixture will essentially create the yellow ochre color!

Yellow ochre, fall color palette
You can buy yellow ochre in a tube, or mix up your own by creating a muted yellow.

However, when mixing yellow and purple together you can often get a bit of a green color too. If this happens to you, just mix some red into the color, since red will mute the green color.

Mixing muted shades of orange color

Mix blue with orange to get a muted orange. Doing so will lessen the brightness of the orange and will also make it a little darker in the process.

How to mix a muted orange color chart
Mix blue with orange to get a muted orange

Warm up the orange shade of color by mixing some red with it. You will find reddish oranges all the time during the fall season.

fall still life painting with apples on a table
You can see all of the different muted and reddish shades of orange – along with various other shades in this, Still Life with Milk Jug and Fruit, by Paul Cezanne

Orange is a big color in the fall color palette and it is important to know how to mix a muted orange to capture those fall colors.

muted orange colors in a fall landscape painting
Mix different shades of orange to use in your landscape for greater depth and interest. Tip think VALUE first when mixing your colors, to create a realistic sense of light in your painting.

Useful mixture of burnt siena color

There are a few different ways to mix up some burnt siena. A good method is to mix blue, yellow and red together.

Showing how to mix burnt siena in a fall paint colors chart

However, you need to make sure that your colors are heavier on the yellow and red. If you mix too much red into your color you can always add more yellow and blue after the fact.

Burnt siena is a very useful fall color as you will find it all the time during the fall season. See in the landscape below all of shades of burnt siena back in the hills, as well as in the forefront in the tree-line.

Here is a wonderful fall landscape painting opportunity, where you can really make use of practicing mixing different shades of burnt siena

Ideas for painting with fall colors

The best way to learn how to mix fall paint colors is by mixing them in application!

Here are some great fall painting ideas to use as inspiration… You will also find additional tips for painting with fall colors in the breakdown of these fall subject matter ideas, from the list below:

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