7 Easy Sketching Ideas + Tips to Start a Sketching Habit

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an artist sketching ideas in a sketchbook

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Creating a sketching habit is one of the best ways to improve not just your drawing but also your observational skills. In addition, it will also help you to grow your voice as an artist as you as you find out what kind of subject matter you enjoy working with. However, if you are not in the routine of putting pencil to paper it can be hard to ever get started!

Below you will find practical tips for how to start sketching regularly. Along with easy sketching ideas to help make a daily habit a reality in your life. Once you create a habit out of drawing regularly – it will come naturally to you in every day life! Scroll to the bottom of this article to find useful everyday drawing materials that are small and light.

How to start sketching: 7 great ideas

An artist drawing with pencil in sketchbook to take down sketching ideas
Sketch book for sketching on the go

Keep a small sketch book with you at all times

One of the best things you can do to start sketching consistently, is to keep a sketch book with you at all times. Get yourself a light and small sketch book that you can put in your purse or bag. You can pull it out every time you find yourself waiting – whether in the waiting room at a doctors office or for a friend to arrive at a coffee shop. 

A product shot of a teal color Fabriano sketchbook
A small, easy to take with you sketchbook is key for creating easy sketches on the go

Doing this lets you make use of ’empty’ moments throughout your day and make some spontaneous, easy sketches. If you have a very busy schedule, this would be the way for you to be able to get some drawing time in your day. For example, drawing clouds are one of my favorite subjects during a down moment. All you need is your sketch book and the sky!

If you scroll to the bottom of the article you will find the sketchbooks I recommend! There are some special smaller sized sketchbooks that make it easier to carry around with you.

Graphite pencils are great for sketching

My favorite sketching materials are woodless graphite pencils and erasers (which I constantly use while drawing). I find these to be great for doing brief (and also more in depth) sketches. They are excellent for making tonal drawings as well as simple line drawings.

Woodless Graphite Pencil product shot
Use a lightweight graphite pencil to take down your sketching ideas
Product shot of a Faber-Castell eraser

As well, graphite pencils are not messy like paints can be, which makes them easy to use wherever you go. They are small and lightweight – making them easy for you to transport. Using them continuously as you start building a sketching habit will give you a certain consistency to support the new sketching habit.

Do not worry about people watching you as you sketch

It can be easy to be shy about taking your sketch book out in public places. When you are the only one drawing in a crowd of people one naturally feels like they stand out. It can be uncomfortable to have people look over your shoulder especially if sketching is a more private and solitary activity for you.

7 easy tips to start a sketching habit
The more you start sketching regularly the more comfortable you will get

In reality however, most people will not take much notice that you are drawing. Continue to draw in public and over time you will become more and more comfortable doing so. You will then be able to take full advantage of ’empty’ times that present themselves to you – whether in public or when you are by yourself.

Get yourself a good sturdy pencil case

I have mourned the loss of too many graphite pencils. They can break in half easily if they are placed in a bag by themselves as they bump up against other things. You need to get a good pencil case that is sturdy enough to keep anything from bumping the against them.

drawing pencils travel case product shot

I personally use a metal case that I found for a reasonable price. There are many other good ones like this leather pencil case as pictured above. It is also great to be able to have all your sketching materials together in one place.

Travel with your sketchbook

Take your sketchbook with you when you go out on trips! It is a wonderful way to experience new environments by interpreting them in your sketchbook. Not to mention, great souvenirs to take back home with you.

7 easy tips to start a sketching habit

As well, drawing in new places and environments can be invigorating and add to the work you already do at home.

Look at the sketches of other Artists

Image of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of, The Horse
Leonardo da Vinci, The Horse

Get great sketching ideas by looking at the sketches of other artists! Observation of other artists can be inspiring and help you on your way to building a sketching habit. Seeing beautiful drawing would make anyone want to draw more!

Looking at the sketch books of others, not only can give you ample ideas of what to sketch. It can also help you to see how you can improve what you’re doing, or try something new. If you want to improve your drawing, then look at great drawings!

Leonardo da vinci sketch of a group of intense faces
Leonardo da Vinci

Expose yourself to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, Ingres and Edgar Degas. You can find many of their drawings online by doing simple searching. If you want to take it a step further, I would recommend for you to do some copies of drawings you like. This will help you to improve your drawing skills by absorbing the drawing skills of the masters.

Draw your friends

If you are social and spend a lot of time hanging out with your friends (or even if you are not that social!) then drawing your friends is a great opportunity. By drawing your friends you can get so many great sketching ideas. Plus, it is a great way for you to learn to draw people and work in a spontaneous manner. As you cannot expect your friends to stand still for you all the time. Because of this, you can create more gestural drawings and learn how to capture someone very quickly.

tips for starting sketching is to look at a drawing like this one, of human figures by edgar degas
Edgar Degas sketch of people is a great example of tips for sketching

Take a look at the image directly above from Edgar Degas’ sketch book. He captured multiple, different quick poses on one page despite peoples quick movements. This exercise will help you to think and act quickly.

However, if you can try to also draw people who are holding a pose. This will help you also develop accuracy as you draw. Here is a portrait sketch tutorial to help you see the process.

Sketching materials I recommend

Hahnemühle Sketchbook

I love the small sketchbooks made by Hahnemühle. The paper is wonderful. But most importantly, this small sized sketchbook (4 x 6 in) is hardbound. So, when you put it into your bag or purse you do not have to worry about the pages getting bent! It is a little pricier – but for a good reason.

Fabriano Sketchbook

Another good sketchbook option is this one by Fabriano. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around. I personally have used these notebooks numerous times. The covers are also wonderful – I love the fabric like texture they have.

However, the downside to this one is that it is softbound – so you have to make sure that when carrying it around the pages will not get bent. Unless of course you do not mind bent sketchbook pages!

Woodless Graphite Pencil(s)

Woodless graphite pencils are my go to sketching pencils and have really helped me to build a sketching habit. I absolutely love these as they allow me to easily work at creating lines as well as shading marks. They come in different levels of blackness (B) and hardness (H). Personally I have different levels of B for this woodless pencil – 2B, 6B, and 9B.

Faber-Castell Eraser

An eraser is just as important as the pencils you use while sketching. Erasers help to create light areas in a drawing – not just erase away errors. Though, erasers are also incredibly useful for correcting oneself!

This one by Faber Castell works especially well as it erases everything in a very clean way without leaving a trail of smudges behind. Additionally, it is nice and small and fits well in a pencil case.

Pencil Case

It is important to protect your pencils as they can break easily if you aren’t careful and if you are constantly replacing your pencils it can get pricey! Having a pencil case is a perfect solution for keeping pencils safe while you carry them in a bag. Also, pencil cases are amazing for being able to bring your sketching supplies with you wherever you go!

This particular pencil case pictured above has numerous slots to put your pencils in as well as a hard case to keep your pencils from breaking.

Metal Pencil Case

This metal pencil case by Caran D’Ache is the one I personally use. Because of its metal exterior it keeps pencils safe from any harm! In addition, I am able to store my eraser, pencil sharpener and pencils inside the case making it easy and simple to carry my supplies with me wherever I go.

Now over to you

With your sketching supplies at your side it is time to get started sketching! building a sketching habit is all about just doing it. If you forget to do it for a few days (or weeks!), don’t waste energy feeling bad about it, just get out your pencils and draw again.

It is most important to enjoy the process of sketching. When you enjoy something it will naturally become a habit as you will see out opportunities to draw. So, make it fun and just keep on sketching.

Here are several sketching ideas and tutorials to get you started:

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    16 thoughts on “7 Easy Sketching Ideas + Tips to Start a Sketching Habit”

    1. I have been trying to start a sketching habit for some time now. I appreciate these suggestions, as I am usually short on inspiration. For impromptu sketching, I like the compactness of a 4 X 6” booklet and my favorite mechanical pencil, which I clip to the cover. It’s a Pentel Quick Click—the lead is protected while in my purse and best of all it has an extra long white eraser (erases cleanly tho still produces some dust). It’s my go to pencil for almost all needs and the eraser is still long even though I’ve worn it down 2 “clicks”. I can refill it with softer lead if I want. So that’s my two cents worth!

    2. Thanks for your blog. It really inspires me to have my sketch pass out. I like the idea of starting again if the pencils have been lazy for a while.

    3. Henry Stiemerling

      Yes, sketchong is great.I am 86, but, even that I paint and draw since I was 15,I really enjoy doing it.When my wife was alive, and she went shopping ,I will sit in the car and sketch,cars,people,buildings,anything tha was near me..All thhis while waiting for her.when she cameback I will show her my stketchs, and she will be amaze at how much I acomplish.You guys there, do sketchs whenever you have nothing else to do.It kills boring for sure.Henry

    4. Good advice. I’ve done it for years. I usually use 4x6x1 inch black covered sketch books, found in most art supply stores. Some have an attached loop for a pencil (a short pencil!).They fit nicely into a purse, or even a pocket, I guess. Besides daily use, I have carried them to meetings of groups and sketched the people in front, etc. Amazing how your skills improve. Years later you can recognize the people. Do it in airports, in waiting rooms. (a long wait for attention? Who cares? just that many more sketches. When no people available, sketch a section of the room, the doctor’s examination room…whatever is in front of you!

    5. I use pen when sketching in a City this eliminate to carry a lot of supply ,and the drawing’s looking grate !

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      הרצון לתת מידע בונה
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      שולחת חיבוק

    7. I’m so excited to see this blog. I used to paint years ago and quit. Now I have more time and am drawn back to sketching and painting. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Elisabeth Larson Koehler

        Hello Judy, I am so glad that you found this website, and that you are able to return back to sketching and painting!

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, I very much appreciate it. Also, many thanks in advance for sharing the blog and bookmarking it!

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